Mercury Cuisine Eco


An ideal folding caravan for large families.

This folding caravan will provide you with interior comfort in all circumstances thanks to its large kitchen window with mosquito net and flap for optimized ventilation. Very large living room under the awning, 2 separate bedrooms with raised beds with integrated mattresses and box springs, many clever storage spaces sewn into the fabric. Under the bed trays, you will be able to store everything you need for your camping trip or to create additional extra beds thanks to the optional interior tents.

This version is complemented by an eco kitchen unit for perfect comfort.

Mercury Cuisine

Pare-soleil auvent :
Grand pare-soleil profondeur 2.30m :
Joue :
Façade tulle du pare-soleil :
Façade tulle de l’auvent :

Model with brakes and cylinders

Trailer tents are not available for sale online but you can order them directly from our distributors.

Couleurs Beige Gazelle, Gris Anthracite
Couchage 4+4
Dimensions 7,60 m x 4,40 m - Hauteur 2,20 m
Châssis galvanisé à chaud Oui
Longueur de la flèche avec frein 130 cm
Modèle de caisse Petit modèle
Roues de secours et jockey fournies Oui
Supensions Oui
Temps de montage 1 h
Armature Acier
Tapis de sol - Grammage 500 g/m²
Tapis de sol - Matière PVC
Toile de chambre intérieur - Grammage 120 g/m²
Toile de chambre intérieur - Matière Coton gris foncé
Toile du mur extérieur - Grammage 235 à 290 g/m²
Matière (mur ext.) Coton
Toile du toit extérieur - Grammage 290 g/m²
Toile du toit extérieur - Matière Coton

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