In 2009, Cabanon initiated a significant evolution

Cabanon initiated a significant evolution in the outdoor hospitality industry by offering camping professionals the first canvas and wood product with the launch of the Classic 400, the first addition to its Classic range. The Classic range has since been enriched with the arrival of the Classic 500 and 700. In order to complete our offer for our clients in the outdoor industry, we now propose numerous options such as bathrooms, PMR accessibility, the placing of all our products on stilts, a wood stove which allows us to extend the period of operation of our products, and the use of the wood.

Cabanon is also innovating in the new segments of the outdoor hospitality and offers its "Glamping" customers inflatable bubbles for atypical accommodation. Our latest innovation, the Natuna, a product created with our partner Cabanologue, offers our professional customers an innovative shape, modularity, panoramic openings, and other new features for the HPA market.


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