Classic 700 Permanent Poêle


The rental tent closest to nature with a wood stove option!

Intended for renting, the Classic 700 Permanent Wood tent allows welcoming a family of 6 persons with great comfort. It is practical, solid, and easy to assemble thanks to its metal structure (electro-galvanized steel). Its "gazelle" color and its Canadian shape give it an excellent landscape integration.

This "permanent" version has been specially designed to be installed all year round.

Classic 700

  • Large living space opens onto the terrace protected by a canopy.
  • Up to 3 separate bedrooms
  • Bathroom space in 2 bedroom configuration
  • 2 large windows in front.
  • 2 large side windows in the living room.
  • 1 ventilation window in each bedroom.
  • Waterproof, breathable, UV-resistant, and rot-proof fabric.
  • Reinforced mesh zippers
  • Haubanage by 25mm high resistance polyester straps and adjustable by tightening buckles
  • Optional equipment
  • Protective canvas
  • Electric Octopus
  • Complete furnishing kit
  • Woodstove
  • 35m² douglas fir flooring (naturally rot-proof wood, 100% from French forests managed in accordance with environmental protection standards)
  • Pilotis
Colors Beige
Capacity 5
Dimensions 7 m x 4 m - Height 3 m
Colisage 1 pallet, 4 frame bags & 2 canvas bags
Set up time 2 h 30
Frame Steel and Wood
Tapis de sol - Grammage 500 g/m²
Tapis de sol - Matière PVC
Tapis de sol - Traitement Ignifuge M2
Canvas Bedroom - Grammage 140 g/m² à 235 g/m²
Canvas Bedroom - Material Brown cotton
Toile de chambre intérieur - Traitement Ignifuge M1
Outside wall - Grammage 300 g/m²
Outside wall - Material Coated technical fabric
Outside wall - Treatment Ignifuge M1
Outside roof - Grammage 600 g/m²
Outside roof - Material PVC
Outside roof - Treatment Ignifuge M2
Vélum - grammage 120 g/m²
Vélum - matière Coton beige
Vélum - treatment Ignifuge M1
Additional Bolon flooring yes
Average Lifespan 6 years
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