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Mini Marabout Stockage 4m35

Multifunctional tent for storage or shelter during activities.

The Storage tent Mini Marabout 4m35 is specially designed for the storage of supplies! The 4m35 version has generous storage space for provisions and other equipment.

A totally unique tent with adjustable sides, suitable for all your different needs.

4.9 42

Mini Marabout Stockage 6m30

Multi-purpose tent used for storage or as a shelter for activities.

The Mini Marabout Storage tent 6m35 has been specially designed for the stewardship of your camps!

This model in 6m30 is an even more spacious version than the 4m35 as it offers up to almost 6 m² of additional space for the storage of your food and various materials.

Its removable fronts make it a totally unique and modular tent according to your needs.

4.9 42

Toucan 600 Tent

The spacious and versatile tent.

Multi-purpose space that can be used for lodging as well as for camp logistics and activities. 

Very resistant this tent can accommodate almost 20 people.

Particularly easy to use and light despite its imposing size.

4.9 42


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