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Family camping is a frequently chosen option for households wanting to spend their holidays outdoors. Among the suitable accommodation solutions for this type of relaxation is the family tent. Spacious and resilient, this portable dwelling allows you to have a unique experience with your loved ones. However, an outdoor stay is only successful if you opt for a model that meets your needs.

So, what are the characteristics, types, and selection criteria for such a tent?

Family tents are recognisable by their large dimensions. They can serve as a comfortable shelter for parents, children, and even other guests depending on the model considered. Its primary benefit is to allow you to stay in a pleasant setting while being as close to nature as possible. Among the affordable vacation rental options available in campsites, tent accommodations are among the most appreciated.

Camping experiences with such equipment can be made in any season. Indeed, they differ from each other by the varying degree of protection they offer to their occupants depending on the weather conditions. According to this characteristic, there are, for example, 2-season large family tents, ideal for a nature getaway during summer and spring.

Vacationers planning outings in autumn will find satisfaction with the 3-season variant. Lastly, the 4-season tent is a secure investment for going through hot periods, storms, and snow. Various materials are used in its design, including tent canvas. Examples made with this quality and easy-care component are among the specialties of leading French manufacturers.

Within the categories of tents for large families, the shape remains the main differentiation element. It allows distinguishing between dome, tunnel, and geodesic types of tents.

When purchasing a family tent, three essential criteria should be considered to choose the model that will perfectly meet your requirements:

The capacity of the tent for a large family: Large tents can generally accommodate at least three people. A tent intended to house a large family should have more than one bedroom. For example, a 6-person model is sufficient to comfortably house a family of 4 people. Experts recommend 6 to 8-person models that allow parents and children to stay in separate bedrooms. The living space should also be large enough to set up furniture and other camping equipment.

The covering fabric of a family tent: Most tents available on the market are covered with polyester fabric, a lightweight material with medium insulation and a lifespan of 4 to 7 years. There is also an improved version called coated polyester, ideal for camping in extreme weather conditions. Polycotton is another type of fabric used for large tents. As a breathable fabric, it offers good insulation properties and guarantees a minimum use of 10 years. On a high-quality tent, cotton is preferred for its longevity, breathability, and superior insulation capacity. At Cabanon, our research and development department is considering new materials for tent manufacturing in the future, such as linen, a local product with a reduced carbon footprint.

The assembly system of a family tent: Regarding assembly, there are two types of tents with varying levels of difficulty: the inflatable tent and the tent mounted with poles. The former is popular among campers as it only requires a few seconds to set up. Although the latter type takes longer to assemble, it is generally more affordable and allows the tent to be left in place for a long period.

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