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Discover Cabanon's "Made in France" folding caravan, perfectly suited for camping and family getaways. Appreciated for its generous space, multiple storage options, and the flexibility of having large beds or separate spaces, our folding caravan combines the conveniences of a traditional caravan with the vibrant charm of canvas camping.

Cabanon has been a reference in the camping industry for over 50 years, offering meticulously crafted French manufacturing and unparalleled expertise in tent design. Our products stand out for the quality of premium materials used, such as highly waterproof and breathable fabrics, and hot-dip galvanized steel frames for enhanced durability and resistance to corrosion.

Our advisors prioritize well-being and comfort and understand that good nights can make all the difference during your camping trips. That's why we pay special attention to space modularity, optimizing sources of ventilation and light, and ensuring that you have beautiful nights and days in our folding caravans.

With a wide range of sturdy and functional models, Cabanon offers the freedom to choose the folding caravan that suits you best, whether it's sturdy, canvas, basic and practical luxury, or equipped with a deluxe kitchen. Our advisors are here to help you select the model that best meets your needs, whether you're planning a weekend getaway, a short stay for a wedding, a brief excursion, or an extended vacation.

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Folding Caravan or Caravan?

Folding caravan users know that it offers generous space, the convenience of multiple storage options, room for large beds or separate spaces (depending on your options) – all the convenience advantages of a caravan with the lively feel of canvas camping.

Not to mention the attractive price, both for purchase and maintenance, and the ease of towing for novice campers who are just pulling a trailer. Because once folded, it can be towed by all car models.

The appeal of the folding caravan is also linked to its ease of towing (suitable for medium-powered engines, with a low height of 2 meters) and its compact storage in a garage.

Why Choose a Cabanon Folding Caravan?

Choosing a Cabanon product means recognizing the expertise of a French manufacturer that has been a camping reference for over 50 years.

It's not just about supporting national employment; it's about benefiting from meticulous craftsmanship, hand-sewn, a hallmark of "Made in France," as well as the expertise behind all the tents designed in the Dunkirk factory.

The choice of a signature rather than a product is evident in the quality of premium materials: high-functioning waterproof and breathable fabrics, hot-dip galvanized plastisol-coated steel frames for better resistance to wear and corrosion of the boxes...

The Cabanon brand's reputation is also built on careful attention to safety and durability: double seams on the fabrics, large-mesh zip closures, unalterable steel framework with framework corner reinforcements, external guy points profiled to the tent...

Lasting Comfort

As a folding caravan user, Cabanon advisors prioritize well-being and comfort. They know that bad nights can spoil your leisure time. Cabanon manufacturing pays great attention to space modularity, optimizing sources of ventilation and light, and ensuring easy assembly and disassembly from the conception of your folding caravan.

Not to mention the consideration for easy setup and dismantling.

See our range of canvas folding caravans, rigid folding caravans, luxury caravans, etc.

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The Freedom of Choice

Freedom of choice is fundamental for your leisure time.

Cabanon offers a real depth of functional and robust models and manufactures, if necessary, almost tailor-made.

26 top-selling references await your selection in our search interface: solid folding, canvas folding, basic and practical luxury, 2.0 caravans, eco and functional, tulle front, with a small or large annex, large sunshade cheeks...

Example of a Cabanon folding caravan: (click here)

Your budget facilitates your choice: select according to your investment range and discover the corresponding models

Sturdiness, technicality, ergonomics, ease of assembly and disassembly, features not tied to the price... Cabanon folding caravans are also available without a kitchen, with a kitchen, or with a deluxe kitchen, and can be enriched with numerous accessories.

Which Folding Caravan Model to Choose?

Do you need a weekend getaway, a short stay for a wedding, a brief excursion, or simply a vacation? Travel with an easy-to-set-up home and stay in comfort with a Cabanon folding caravan tailored to your plans.

Cabanon advisors anticipate your questions to provide answers:

Caravane pliante en toile

Canvas Folding Caravan or Rigid Folding Caravan?

The canvas folding caravan is very similar to a classic camping tent. Pre-assembled in the trailer, it unfolds into a caravan. The doubled canvas (at Cabanon) provides rigidity, and the trailer offers real storage space.

An authentic movable home, the rigid folding caravan allows for the assembly of panels that ultimately form a traditional caravan. The major advantage is the lightness of the assembly and the gain in height and space during transport.

What Selection Criteria?

From a single compartment to an almost mobile home, there are numerous models with multiple accessories and options. It is essential to match them to your vacation style.

  • The first criterion, regardless of your choice, is the quality of the manufacturing, especially the raw materials.
  • The second criterion is the final visual appearance of the chosen model and its floor space.
  • The third criterion includes quality guarantees (certifications, etc.) essential for choosing the product with the best quality-to-price ratio.
  • The fourth criterion is the manufacturer's ingenuity: external rainfly, XXL folding tent accommodations, groundsheet as a trailer cover...

A folding caravan for 2 people, for 4 people, or for 6 occupants? There's a choice of models at Cabanon.

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