Every delivery is subject to the express acceptance of these sales conditions and a written confirmation of the order.


The prices mentioned on our invoices are established based on the prevailing rate at the time of the order. They are all-inclusive of taxes and are net of any discounts. We reserve the right to make any modifications that economic conditions may require. In the event of a price change, our customers are informed, and confirmation is requested from them before any final recording of their order.

Delivery Time

Unless expressly agreed upon, delays in delivery times cannot result in compensation or order cancellation, especially in the following cases:

a) Payment conditions have not been observed.

b) Force majeure or events that delay or suspend the delivery of goods.


Our goods, even when agreed to be delivered free of charge, travel at the recipient's risks and liabilities. In the event of damage or loss, it is the recipient's responsibility to make all necessary reservations and take all actions against the carriers who are solely responsible.

Complaints / Returns

The customer has the option to receive the goods at the time of delivery. At that moment, the customer assumes full responsibility after checking the goods. Any complaint regarding the conformity of the merchandise must be made in writing within 8 days from the delivery date. In all cases, our liability is limited to replacing or refunding the merchandise. No return of goods can be made without our written consent, and such consent does not imply any recognition.


Payment for your purchases is made by credit card using a secure system during the order.


We reserve the right to suspend any delivery and/or terminate any contract and order in the event of a delay in payment for previous deliveries or failure to pay upon maturity. If the buyer has been requested by the seller to settle a due debt and fails to do so within the summons period, the seller can terminate the contract without prejudice to their contractual rights and without granting a new payment period. The seller can also demand the return of the goods without terminating the contract.

Technical Specifications

We reserve the right to make any necessary modifications to improve the technical or aesthetic quality of all products in the catalog without prior notice. We may also withdraw products from sale if necessary.

Jurisdiction Clause

In case of dispute, only the Courts of Dunkirk have jurisdiction.


August 2023

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