Whether you're organizing events, seminars, or setting up your holiday campsite, Cabanon offers a variety of tents to suit all your needs. On our website, you'll find the perfect tent, be it accommodation tents, reception tents, or family tents. To make the right choice, it's important to define your needs in advance to select the tent that will perfectly meet your expectations. With our wide range of tents made in France, finding the tent that suits you will be a breeze.

The tipi tent

tente tipi cabanon

The charm of the tipi tent particularly attracts children. Its main advantage is its versatility. With a tipi tent, a multitude of activities can be organized, from small creative workshops to evening reading sessions. Plus, it provides a comfortable sleeping space for a unique and peaceful night. As its name suggests, the tipi tent adopts the traditional shape of Indian tents.

Made of rot-proof cotton and equipped with a waterproof tent canvas, the tipi tent offers quick and easy assembly thanks to a simplified frame. By choosing a made in France tipi tent, you benefit from a quality canvas and a spacious interior for optimal comfort, whether you are alone or in a group. In addition to the classic tipi tent, we also offer the feather tipi tent, which, unlike the classic tipi tent, has a square design.

Like the classic tipi tent, the feather tipi tent is also made of waterproof canvas. Plus, its assembly is easy for everyone. The feather tipi tent is ideally suited to accommodate 2 to 3 children. This tent is equipped with a double door for easy access and a zippered PVC mat. It provides a large space to accommodate many people. Its major asset is its ease of assembly - one person is enough to set up the feather tipi tent. Whether you choose the classic tipi tent or the feather tipi tent, both are made in France.

The canadian tent

The Canadian tent is the traditional tent used in campsites or holiday camps, combining comfort and quality. Designed primarily for collective use, as in a holiday camp, this tent is usually purchased in multiple copies. The Canadian tent canvas is suitable for all types of users, from young children and teenagers to instructors during a holiday camp.

The awning of the Canadian tent provides additional functionality, facilitating the storage of camping equipment and the backpacks of campers. Just like the other tent canvases mentioned previously, the canvas of the Canadian tent is rot-proof and waterproof.

The assembly of the Canadian tent is simple thanks to its simplified frame. Its V-shaped design facilitates access inside the tent. By opting for this made in France product, you benefit from effective protection against the cold thanks to perfect insulation provided by the basin floor mat.

The Canadian tent is ideal for sleeping three people. The assembly time is very quick, not exceeding more than 15 minutes. The outer roof canvas and the outer wall are both made of cotton, an essential material in French tent manufacturing.

The Marabout tent

Embrace convenience and comfort while accommodating large groups with the Marabout tent, proudly made in France by Cabanon. Whether you need cozy rooms or a spacious dormitory, the Marabout tent offers ample sleeping space and guaranteed comfort. Perfectly suited for children and teenagers, our Marabout tent can accommodate up to 12 people with its generous interior space.

Like the Canadian and tipi tents, the Marabout tent is constructed with durable cotton walls that are rot and waterproof, ensuring the longevity of your investment. Our Marabout tent comes in various sizes to meet all your needs, including a spacious 6m30 version and a more compact 4m35 model, both offering great practicality and easy setup.

Going beyond other camping tents, the Marabout tent features windows and a large zippered opening for a homey outdoor feel. Its polyester-coated PVC roof sets it apart from traditional tents. We also offer the Mini-Marabout Animation 435 model, specifically designed for outdoor events or mini-receptions. Explore our range of Marabout tents on the Cabanon website and discover the quality and comfort of French glamping.

The reception tent

Explore Cabanon's Reception Tent model, specifically designed to host grand outdoor events. Ideal for professionals, communities, and event planners, our Reception Tent offers a generous space of up to 60m2. Perfect for weddings, birthdays, or any banquet, it combines elegance and practicality.

Thanks to its robustness and long-term resilience, this tent is your perfect ally for outdoor events. Its maintenance is simple with the use of specific products like M2 fire retardant, essential for treating the roof canvas. To guarantee exceptional durability, the frame of our Reception Tent is made from sturdy steel.

While it requires a little more time for setup than the Canadian tent, around one hour, Cabanon's Reception Tent offers an incomparable space to welcome your guests. Several models are available, each tailored to your needs and budget. To ensure optimal stability, our Reception Tents are designed to be firmly fixed to the ground. Choose Cabanon's Reception Tent to give your event the space and style it deserves.

The trailor tent

trailor tent

Experience the ultimate comfort of family vacations with our Trailer Tent. This tent model, closely resembling a caravan, offers two separate sleeping areas for elevated rest. The mattresses and bed bases are directly integrated into the trailer tent, ensuring a restful stay. A significant advantage of our 'Made in France' trailer tent is the presence of numerous discreet and practical storage spaces sewn directly into the fabric. You can easily store all your everyday items in these storage areas.

The trailer tent model comes with jacks and brakes to provide optimal comfort. For an enhanced experience, our Manga Eco trailer tent model includes an eco-friendly kitchen unit. We offer various trailer tent models, with sizes varying once the tent is unfolded. The trailer tent is designed to accommodate multiple people.

Its spacious size and two separate sleeping areas make it an ideal choice for dream vacations with family or friends. Like our reception tent, the trailer tent offers ample space and requires a longer setup time, at least 1 hour. We use PVC for the floor mat to ensure superior quality. Like most of our tents, whether it's the tipi or marabout tent, the outer roof and walls of the trailer tent are made of cotton.

The caravan tent

The caravan tent is the perfect option for unforgettable family holidays. Offering optimal comfort with two separate rooms and a spacious living area, our caravan tent model, Manga De Luxe, includes a luxury kitchen unit for maximum convenience. However, the base model does not include this feature.

With various storage spaces sewn into the fabric of the caravan tent, you can bring along many additional items that may come in handy during your holidays. The caravan tent can be easily set up in a camping area or elsewhere, making it particularly practical for long trips. Its substantial size influences the set-up time, which is about 1 hour. The walls and the outer roof of the caravan tent are made of cotton to ensure high-quality protection and comfort.

We offer various models of caravan tents, each with its unique advantages for an optimized comfort. The choice of caravan tent model will depend on your personal expectations and preferences. As a transportable tent model, the caravan tent comes with suspensions, a jockey, and a spare wheel. Our Manga De Luxe caravan tent model offers 8 sleeping places, which is ideal for a family or a large group of friends.

At Cabanon, caravan tents and trailer tents are one and the same!

The familial tent

tente familiale cabanon

The Barbados tent model embodies the tradition of classic pyramid-style family tents. This tent provides a spacious and welcoming area, perfect for any family seeking to enjoy camping holidays in comfort and tranquility. The Barbados family tent features two separate interior rooms, catering to the needs of many families.

Easy and quick to set up, this tent includes a central pole facilitating access to the interior. Made in France, specifically in Dunkerque in Hauts-de-France, the Barbados tent is a testament to French craftsmanship excellence. One of its key attributes, shared by all our family tents, is its entirely waterproof cotton fabric. The Barbados family tent comes with a mosquito net and provides protection against humidity, ensuring serene and safe nights.

Glaming, new trend

The trend for glamping, a fusion of glamour and camping, continues to rise. Accessible wherever you are, be it near the sea or in the Gorges du Tarn, glamping offers a new way to experience camping.

To experiment with this form of camping, the key lies in choosing the tent, which should be spacious, if not luxurious. Glamping, or glamorous camping, combines luxury and romanticism with outdoor living. However, glamping is not just about the luxurious aspect. It also emphasizes a return to nature, offering an authentic yet comfortable experience.

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