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Bunk Bed for Kids

You lack space but don't want it to impact your comfort?

Easy to use and easy to store, here are add-on beds that can be installed in record time and at any time without the need for any tools. 

They are easily stored in their small, compact carrying bag that can be slipped under the bed or in a closet when not in use.

Bunk beds can help you make room for more guests in the same space, the more the merrier.

Pockets on the sides of the bed allow you to easily store your personal items, phones, shelves, keys or books while keeping them close at hand.

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Tulle frontside Malawi 2.0

Make the most of your stay by protecting yourself from insects with this tulle front with Malawi 2.0 folding crystal from Cabanon. 

This tulle facade is made in France, it protects you from insects while keeping ventilation in your living space.

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Medium side annex Malawi 2.0

Enjoy more space as an extra bedroom with this Cabanon annex, perfectly adapted to the Malawi 2.0!

The annex of the Malawi 2.0 folding caravan offers the possibility to gain 2 extra beds. It zips easily and quickly on the back of your folding caravan and is accessible through the living area.

The floor is made of PVC, the outside walls are made of cotton.

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Large sun canopy Malawi 2.0

Enjoy a shady or sheltered space in case of rain with the large luxury sunshade for the Malawi 2.0 folding caravan from Cabanon!

This large luxury sunshade will fit perfectly in your folding caravan or on your awning with a zipper. Thus, it will allow you to fully enjoy a relaxing corner outside, sheltered from the sun and various weather conditions!

Easy to install and uninstall, this product will not clutter up your awning and will find its place on your next vacation.

This product is only compatible with Malawi 2.0

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