essentiels du camping Cabanon

Camping, whether it's a passion or a lifestyle, requires proper preparation and equipment. To be ready to face all kinds of weather conditions, it's essential to have the right camping gear. Here we present you with a list of must-have camping accessories, whether you're camping in Switzerland, France, Greece, or anywhere else.

One of the first essential items for camping is, of course, the canvas tent or folding caravan. At Cabanon, a leading French manufacturer, you'll find a wide variety of tents, including Tipi tents, inflatable tents, glamping tents, and the famous scout tent. These models, easy to transport and set up, are ideal for all terrains and weather conditions.

For a night under the stars, a high-quality sleeping bag (preferably made in France) is a must. In addition, a waterproof ground mat, an essence burner, and a compact cookware set are essential accessories to have in your camping bag.

Don't forget the water bottle either. There are many models on the market, including filter bottles, stainless steel, or plastic. Having potable water is essential, as drinking natural water from lakes or rivers can be risky.

Another must-have camping tool is the Swiss knife. Versatile and handy, it can serve as a saw, scissors, and screwdriver. Plus, a rope, often overlooked by many campers, can come in handy in many situations.

And finally, don't forget the flashlight. It's indispensable for navigating in the dark, whether it's to go to the bathroom or simply to light your way at night. And don't forget to take soap, toilet paper, and light towels with you. Opt for natural hard soaps made in France.

And above all, respect nature! Always have bags for your trash to leave your camping site clean for the next campers.

Now you know everything you need to pack in your bag to be ready for your next camping adventure. Choosing the right gear is essential to be a good camper!

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