Wooden frame tent

Wooden frame tent

Eco-friendly family camping is on the rise. To meet the growing demand from holidaymakers for more nature-friendly accommodations, Cabanon, the French leader in camping tents, offers a range of canvas and wood tents. These eco-designed tents blend perfectly into the natural environment while offering all the comfort needed for a successful stay.

Whether it's Canadian lodge-style tents or canvas bungalows, all our accommodations are designed to bring you closer to nature without sacrificing comfort. Our canvas and wood tents have a sturdy frame, can be equipped with wood stoves, bathrooms and are easily accessible to people with reduced mobility. They are perfect for camping in all seasons.

The Cabanon canvas and wood lodge tent is designed to be easy and quick to set up and take down. Their natural design blends seamlessly into any environment and enhances the natural space. With their 100% wood frame, without the addition of plastic or metal parts, they withstand the elements perfectly.

The canvas bungalow, formerly called a cabin, is now the new star of luxury camping or "glamping". These eco-responsible structures offer all the luxury and security needed for total immersion in nature. Unlike wood and canvas tents, canvas bungalows are designed for permanent installation.

The Canadian lodge with a wood frame, inspired by trapper cabins, is a real call to adventure. These canvas and wood accommodations can be set up and taken down quickly and blend perfectly into the natural landscape.

At Cabanon, we are proud of our 100% Made in France products. As a French manufacturer, we have a perfect knowledge of the specifics of our climate and our territories. Our ethical approach and our commitment to short supply chains make our canvas and wood tents the ideal choice for your next eco-friendly holidays.

Marine André - Marketing

on août 8, 2023

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