Kitchen Tent


The ideal shelter for cooking.

The Kitchen tent is designed as a small shelter, ideal for cooking outdoors during your events, weddings or parties!

Its fire-resistant fabric guarantees total safety. Its assembly is quick and very easy. This version in 3 m² is the smallest of the Kitchen tents in the range. Very resistant shelter that has a long life when well maintained.

Kitchen Tent

  • PVC canvas guaranteed waterproof and rotproof.
  • Large window and wide zippered opening that can be rolled up for optimal ventilation.
  • Fireproof material classified M2 for perfect safety.
Colors Blanc Neige
Dimensions 2,10 m x 1,40 m - Hauteur 2 m
Galvanized Frame None
Spare wheels and jockey provided None
Supensions None
Number of bags 2
Assemmbly time 15 min
Frame Steel
Canvas outer wall - Grammage 450 g/m²
Outer Wall Material PVC coated polyester 
Canvas outer wall - Treatment Fireproof M2
Canvas outer roof - Grammage 450 g/m²
Canvas outer roof - Material  PVC coated polyester
Canvas outer roof - Treatment Fireproof M2
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