Chauffage GlampRAD


The GlampRAD™

An innovative heating device. It consists of radiant panels specially developed for the camping and glamping industry. It is an economical and efficient alternative to other conventional heating systems. 

Radiant heating is gaining popularity in all markets. It provides improved comfort and is healthier than traditional heating systems. 



Key Points : 

99.97% efficiency

Maximum security 

Eco responsible 



Unique comfort heating 

Does not circulate allergens and other particles 

Unique, innovative, and patented 

Instant effect

Quiet operation

Key Benefits : 

Strengthening of the immune system

Positive effect on the cardiovascular system

Positive effect on muscles and joints 

Infrared heating, emits IR rays that heat the objects they touch such as walls, chairs, ceiling, ... These heated objects, then radiate in turn and heats the ambient air. Conventional heating heats the air in the room and it circulates by convection. As the objects have a greater mass or thermal inertia, the heat thus "stored" is dissipated less quickly...

The principle of infrared heating is based on the same physical principle as the warm sensation you feel when your face or body is exposed to the sun's rays. It is therefore a natural and healthy phenomenon. Infrared rays are natural waves, with a longer wavelength than light rays (visible radiation), for this reason, infrared rays are also called infrared light. The spectrum of infrared radiation extends from the visible radiation frontier at 700 nanometers to wavelengths in the order of 1 millimeter.

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